The Best Advice on Teas I’ve found

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The Weird History Of Tea From How It Come To Be Used

Tea has been used for long for so many reasons but when you think about it you cannot know where it came from. Tea has also been used for medical purposes for some species of the tea plant. As you sip your hot beverage have you ever imagined how it came to be that people discovered that the tea leaves can make such a sweet drink. If you have never thought about it, then you will learn the history of the sweet beverage that you take every day. The article will help you to learn the tea tales that will explain how tea was discovered.

The birth of the tea is accounted from long ago of the 2732 B.C year when an emperor discovered a wild leave on his boiling water, but it was sweet smelling. The emperor gave the experience of drinking tea and he gave it a Chinese name for investigation. The emperor did not give up on the drink but made further research and surely he found a medicinal value of the tea.

Tea gained popularity use through the fourth and the eighth century has people discovered more great properties it had. By this time in history people ignored the remedial value of the tea and used it more for the pleasures it had. Tea ware in China also become a mark of richness and position in the society and the tea traders lived better lives than others.

With the increase of trading tea between the Chinese and other parts of the world, they discovered a process that would make black tea by a means of fermenting it. The Chinese discovered a fermentation process for the tea that could preserve the tea scent and keep it longer than the green tea.

People of China even today really respect the prominence of tea in their history, and widely celebrated as a key sign of the China city history. To remember their history, modern China has the Shanghai tea institute where students have to pass in the tea serving ceremony, and speak foreign languages to entertain guest and it is very selective about who gets admitted, because to date only seventy-five students have ever had the tea art certificate. The Chinese government has dedicated a park to honor tea drinking customs and it is also very honored by the citizens.

So when you are making the cup of tea for the refreshment you will remember how it came to be used and how significant it is to the Chinese culture, religion and history and you can educate your friends too. To learn more about the famous drink tea, make sure that you visit this website.