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Top Most Common Bugs In Sunny and Moist Places

The best conditions around the year like the sun and moist air often bring a lot of people to those best areas for fun. However, such conditions also attract various insects that enjoys the warmth too. Some of these bugs are friendly and others cause harm and damage. One should learn more about signs of infestation and in case of any, should call an exterminator.

In our homes, we put enough mechanisms to protect us from any sort of insect. There are about 100 different kinds of insects shaking up with us at one time. Though some of the bugs are friendly, there are areas where people really know what it means to live in places with many gross insects. Check the following kinds of insects.

Palmetto bug is a type of big, winged cockroach that can grow about 1.6 inches and can fly. If you scare this insect or irritate it, it will leave behind a bad smelling liquid. And thus the nickname skunk roach was given to it. Because of its love for damp and moist places, they often invade sinks, bathrooms, garages etc. Ensure that you find more info about palmetto bugs and be safe.

The two-striped walking stick bugs that often travels with a partner is another. These insects are spotted around trees, vegetation and leaves during autumn months and they grow up to 2.5 inches or more. Should you threaten them, they will also attack you with a foul-smelling liquid. If these sprays get into your eyes, it cause redness, itching, and irritation hence you should be careful.

Formosan termites that are native to Asian countries are invasive in several parts of the warmth world. Formosan termites often consume a lot of wood as they reproduce hence homes made of wood are at risk when these termites invade them. During their reproductive stages and seasons, you will notice things like fallen wings, dead bugs etc. and that should tell you more about their infestations. Because of their aggression in damaging homes, you should go for professional pest control should they infest your home. Read more here on various website pages about these pests.

There are the black with moths bugs that are the size of small birds and bats. You can find these bugs all months in ideal weather seasons. They often are out in the night but you will find them severally in the shades of cars and underneath tunnels/ boardwalks. These bugs are not harmful generally though many people associate them with myths.

Polydamas swallowtail butterfly is a very common butterfly that is the found in most parts. These butterflies can grow anywhere between 3.6 and 4.6 inches. They have cute wings and they aren’t dangerous to humans.