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Essential Laptop Ports to Look For

There are so many people who own laptops today and overly sue them in their workplaces or for studying amongst other uses. A laptop has several ports but not many people understand the need to have these ports or even understand ways through which they can determine which laptop to buy through examining the ports. The laptop ports will always enhance your usability experience as they serve tremendous roles and there is no way to benefit in their absence. Below are some fundamental information about laptops ports that will determine whether you get to buy a laptop or not.

First and foremost, you should consider buying a laptop with USB 3.1 Type-A. USB ports are integral components in a laptop and they have multiple uses and ways through which they can elevate your experience. For instance, where you need to download some documents or data from the phone, you will need to use the USB port. In the marketplace, you will come across lots of laptops with different USB Type-A. There are USB 3.1. 3.0 and 2.0 versions and the first is always the best and the recently developed. For instance, while 3.0 versions are downloading 5 Gbps, 3.1 versions will be downloading 10 Gbps. Therefore, ensure to search for a laptop with USB 3.1 as it will enhance your experience.

Secondly, there is need to consider buying a laptop with USB Type-C. Not unless you are keen, you might think that USB Type-A and Type-C are identical but the truth is, they have different capabilities. It is true that these ports will play an integral role of enhancing your experience and usage. New laptops have Type-C as its overly beneficial as compared to Type-A. Nonetheless, the watts of power makes the whole difference as USB Type-A transfers 2.5 watts of power while Type-C does 100 watts of power. For 2.5 watts of power, your laptop can only manage to charge devices and gadgets like phones or utmost tablets. Nonetheless, with Type-C, you are always assured of charging other complex gadgets and devices like computers or laptops. The Type-C port could also be used as a VGA and HDMI adapter.

The other port to be concerned about is the HDMI port. There are instances where one ought to connect their laptop to a projector for a presentation or to a bigger screen. Well, it’s through the HDMI port that this becomes possible.

The above info pinpoints the ports to look for. Nonetheless, it always pays to have the ports blend with other laptop features. Features like the CPUY, RAM and storage are supposed to be considered as well. The only way you will buy the best laptop is through understanding and relying in the above info.