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Essential Steps on How to Remove a Virus from Your Computer Without Antivirus

You need to ensure that your computer is safe from the possible threats such as the virus this is because there is a rapid increase in thus threats. It is expensive to buy some of the antivirus software since some of them you need to keep on updating them so that they can remove the virus thus too expensive for updating and buying. There are viruses that you can handle them and remove them without the need of you buying the antivirus software; this is because that you can remove the virus without antivirus.

It is important to run scan to whether your computer has a virus, this is important since it will the computer from crashing . There is the behavior of the virus that you need to know how they behave hence you will be able to know what you are dealing with hence you will be able to get rid of the virus when you identify it. It might be hard to remove a virus from your computer system but it is very possible to get rid and remove the virus without an antivirus . There are procedures of how to eliminate a virus from the computer system without an antivirus.

The first guideline is the system configuration. You need to get access to your system configuration from your computer system, you need to such for programs that are unfamiliar to you or the programs have unknown manufactures. You need to eliminate the unfamiliar programs and then you restart your computer system.

There is the guidelines of CTRL+ALT+DEL to follow. You need to press the CTRL+ALT+DEL in the laptop when it is starting up hence you will be able to check the current program that a running, you need to end any program that you find it is unfamiliar once you identify it as the page suggests.

There is the guideline for deleting the virus from the hard drive. You need to delete the folder that has coding like this your hard drive C: UsersYourNameHereDataTemp, this file folders can be a threat.

There is the step of removing registry keys. When the regedit program will appear, you need to delete the registry key that you need a research on to be of virus hence this will help to remove all the possible threats.

It is significant to change the passwords of your computer system since this will improve the system security from intruders . You can hire the IT support services to repair your system or when the above procedure is unsuccessful.