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Art Lovers Best Cities in the World.

One of the best things about traveling is learning the culture of the new country like their cuisines, history and even interacting with the locals. Looking at the kind of art that they produce is one of the best ways that you can learn about the people and get a sense of the country. There are galleries and museums with the collections of the legends of the time, and there is also the street art from the rising stars. Here are some of the world’s greatest cities when it comes to art and view here.

Paris is like a heaven for the art lovers with the over a thousand art galleries all over the place, which means that you will always have something new to see no matter how many times you visit. The home of the popular Mona Lisa, Louvre, is a place that you do not want to be. It is unsurprising to get the place really crowed, and this is why you should book a priority entry tour beforehand, to avoid the long waiting. You will get the more established galleries here like the Daniel Templon, and the new ones that are making waves like Modus Art. Even if you manage to see all of them, however, there are so many other things like the Belleville neighborhood with unbelievable street art.

There are art scenes and also the popular historical sites in berlin. The classic art together with the modern art are among the things that make berlin special, which are among the things that you should definitely check out. There is so much more here, galleries like NEUE Nationalgalerie and the East Side gallery, and the sculpture and learn more.

Creativity and artists are among the most popular things in New York. There are the Guggenheims house and the Metropolitan Museum of Art where you get historic legendary artworks and more info. There are also all small galleries at every corner, Queens with the Socrates sculpture garden and museum the 100 gates project with the incredible Murals and with breathtaking works of the street artists. There are also the small galleries that you will fin at every corner, there are mesums and sculptiures and even the 100 gates project that is breathtaking at night when the store closes. There is more., as you can get the small galleries at almost every corner that you take there is the 100 gets project that is just incredible; eat night and even the sculptures like the Socrates sculpture in queens and queens grade among many more and discover more. Followed by new York is Chicago, with the incredible galleries and museums, artworks and sculptures. The number two best city with the gallkeries, the museums and the artworks and sculptures is Chicago. Next after the New York, is the Chicago city where there are number two greatest museums, sculptures, the artworks, and the galleries and view here for more. Most of the iconic works here are public and the experience here will therefore be unique, and the place is also not crowded. The place is not crowded and most of the iconic work is public, which means that you will get a unique experience. With the fact that the iconic works here will be public and the fact that the place is not as crowded, you will most probably get some really unique experience here. If you have seen the Picasso sculpture in Chicago city and still want more, Barcelona with the world’s greatest Picasso artwork collection will be ideal.